Apr 302014

month in review

April was a good month. I had a great birthday, and had lots of time off. Spring has definitely come here, and it was very enjoyable to start spending more time outside.

Books read:

In April – 10
Year-to-date – 48

Favourite book of the month: This was a tough decision between Sins of the Son and Poison Study (finished last week), but I’m choosing Sins of the Son because it’s rare case where I loved book #2 more than book #1.
Sins of the Son

Noteworthy Happenings:

I had my birthday giveaway and Anubha won a book of her choice.

I discussed my review writing slump, how I dislike when series names are the same as book 1 titles, and shared how I organize my Goodreads shelves.

Challenge Status:

2014 Audio Book Challenge – 7/12
2014 Ebook Challenge – 27/50
2014 Prequel and Sequel Challenge – 49/50
2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge – 24/31
Canadian Book Challenge 7 – 15/13 – Finished!

What’s coming in May?

I have more holidays in May. Other than that, I don’t have anything really big scheduled. I have a few book tours coming up that I’m excited about though, so watch for those.

  4 Responses to “April 2014 in review”

  1. Good reading for April! Happy May reading!

  2. Well happy belated birthday then! Good amount of books read =)

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