Mar 092014

In terms of reading and finishing books, this week was really good. In terms of reducing my TBR pile, not so much. It’s a good thing I’ve stopped trying to get it under control and just accepted that it’s crazy.

Books read:
Dark CurrentsDark Currents – A fun and humourous adventure story, the audio production was a bit rocky to start, but this was an overall good listen. I’ve already downloaded the next book to listen to.

Wind and ShadowWind and Shadow – The cover tricked me into thinking this was YA, it most certainly is not. There was quite a bit of unexpected heat and sex, and an ending that left me highly annoyed at the characters’ actions.

Sea of ShadowsSea of Shadows – Oh god, I’m not even sure where to start. My exact reaction upon finishing was “Ah… Wha… But… Oh… I need book two now.”

Books received:
Between the free books available on Smashwords as part of Read an Ebook Week, and “accidentally” comparing my wishlist shelf on Goodreads with a friend’s free-kindle shelf, I collected a few books this week.

Black Wolf Silver Fox Cornerstone Darkhouse Diamonds and Dust Easy Target Everblue Grizelda Loose Ends Open Minds Princess Electra Shoe Strings Starfire Angels The Accidental Prophetess The Bane The Binding The Confederacy of Heaven The Friendship of Mortals The Path Not Taken The Written Who Censored Roger Rabbit

Mini rant time: Most, if not all, of the above books are self-published. Some of the covers are amazing. And some make me want to *le sigh* and think “really, you think that will help sell the book”. Not everyone is willing to look past a poorly done cover. Please take the time to make an attractive cover, it’s not that hard.

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  1. Oh I hear ya. Nothing worse than being turned off by the cover of a book. It doesn’t give your novel a fighting chance when it can’t capture a reader’s eye.

    Great week!

  2. Awesome! I pre-orderd Sea of Shadows months ago, but I was starting to have second thoughts. I’m glad to hear you liked it 🙂

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