Mar 302014

This has been a frustrating week. My ereader stopped working, and I’ve been messing around with it trying to make it work. I think I have it going again, but I’ve also started looking at options for replacements. I love my Sony ereader, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues this year. I think it’s wearing out (it is several years old, and has been used a lot) and it’s probably time to replace it.

I have my search narrowed to either a Kobo Glo or a Kindle Paperweight. Both are dedicated ereaders, with a similar look, feel and price. My local Staples has both options in stock, so I can go and buy whichever one I want with zero wait time. It’s pretty much just a choice between going with mobi format with easy access to Amazon, or ePub format, which matches my existing 300 ebooks, making my initial load of the ereader easier and faster. I’m still undecided at this time. Any suggestions?

Books read:
NightwalkerNightwalker – An exciting vampire-based story featuring a strong, special heroine and a mysterious good-guy-bad-guy partner.

SunriseSunrise – My love for this trilogy is complete. This book was the perfect ending.

Books received:

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  1. Sorry, I probably won’t be much help here. I read all my e-books on Amazon’s online Kindle Cloud Reader or on the Kindle for Android app.

    Hopefully others will have more infor for you.

  2. I hate your ereader is messing up. My first reader was a Sony and it was great. I use an ipad now and love it because I can read all the formats on it. I think with the Kobo you can download other reading apps to it (like the Kindle app and Nook app) but I may be wrong. Good luck choosing I’ve heard good things about both devices.

    • I have an ipad, but my son often uses it, and I find it awkward to hold and read on. I hadn’t heard that you can put other reading apps on the Kobo, maybe I’ll have to look into that.

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