Mar 122014
Review: Ice StationIce Station (Shane Schofield #1) by Matthew Reilly
Published by Pan on 2000
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction
Format: Paperback from Purchased
Find the book: Amazon, Goodreads
Rating: three-stars

At a remote US ice station in Antarctica, a team of scientists has made an amazing discovery. They have found something unbelievable buried deep below the surface -- trapped inside a layer of ice 400 million years old.

Something made of metal... something which shouldn't be there... it's the discovery of a lifetime, a discovery of immeasurable value. And a discovery men will kill for.

Led by enigmatic Lieutenant Shane Schofield, a crack team of US Marines is rushed to the ice station to secure this bizarre discovery for their own nation. Meanwhile other countries have developed the same idea and are ready to pursue it swiftly and ruthlessly. Fortunately, Schofield's mean are a tough unit, all set to follow their leader into hell.

They soon discover they just did...

This is a military action story set in Antarctica. It’s a long story, full of twists and reveals, so it’s hard to talk about much of it without spoilers.

The main character Shane Schofield, aka “Scarecrow”, is a youngish Marine leader who specializes in high risk situations. He’s a cool, slightly mysterious character, and a lot of his history remains underexplained in the story. He’s a competent leader, and while a bit aloof, he’s quite respectable. Most of the other characters are underdeveloped, without detailed backstories, but they are fairly believable, without a lot of stereotypes.

This is definitely an action-movie style story, with endless fights, deadly killer whales (that scene was pretty freaky), and even nuclear weapons. It has a quick, don’t-let-up pace that makes the pages fly by. There is some suspension of belief required for some of the situations, but nothing outrageous.

Overall, this is a fun action story. It’s all about entertainment, and while it doesn’t leave a lasting impact, it does provide a getaway into an exciting military-based adventure that could rival any action movie.

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