Mar 202014

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I’ve been taking to my social media accounts more often lately, but mostly for beauty blogging, not book blogging. It’s caused me to look at how I use each of the platforms I have.

My Instagram has always been mostly nail looks, and now I do a lot of eye-of-the-day posts. My Twitter is a little more varied, with connections and discussions with both authors and other bloggers, for beauty and books. I have Facebook pages for both of my blogs, but I find it easier to post stuff on my beauty page.

All this has lead me to wonder, how should I use social media effectively as it relates to book blogging? I get how to use Twitter, but what about Instagram and Facebook? Facebook is complex as just sharing links doesn’t get seen by basically anybody. You have to do straight status posts or upload pictures for it to pop up in anyone’s feed. For Instagram, I’m even more lost. I can share what I’m currently reading, but that’s all I know to do.

Does anyone have tips on how to use Facebook and Instagram for book blogging? What do you do on them?

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  1. I do love instagram posts with books people are currently reading… other than that, not a lot of ideas!

  2. Oh and books you get in the mail etc would be good for instagram too 🙂

    • Yes, book mail and book hauls are great! Not when I’m trying to limit the book pile growth, but fun for sharing.

  3. I have a hard time using social media correctly too. I like Zoe’s ideas above. Posting a currently reading or a “stacking the shelves” type photo would really work. I’ll have to use that idea too! As for facebook, I’ve been trying to post questions to get people to comment. Like on St. Patrick’s day I posted a question asking people’s to name a book with a green cover.

    • Question posts are a good idea. I know I posted a picture of a book I saw on Netgalley, and the views and responses were great. I might do that more.

  4. I don’t use Facebook for keeping up with my book blogs :/ I prefer Twitter and Goodreads. I’ve thought about creating a Facebook page for my blog, but it just didn’t seem worth the time since it seems like book bloggers prefer Twitter anyhow!

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