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I read a very interesting post over at The Perpetual Page-Turner where Jamie declared that she’s not a book reviewer, she’s a book blogger. While reading it, I immediately figured out which of the two labels I am. Can you guess?

Yes, I consider myself to be a book reviewer. Why? There are several reasons:

1. I review every book I read. I have for the past 3 years, and intend to continue in the future. It hurts to even consider not posting a review. What do I do with those books? Do I rate them on Goodreads without a review? Do I post a mini review there and nothing here? Do I post nothing anywhere? Easier just to post my review and rating here and there. Less stress on me.

2. I post mostly reviews. I have gone through stages where I post a lot of other book related posts, especially author features, but right now, I think 90% of my posts are reviews. I like it that way. I don’t want to post a lot of everything else.

I was looking at my blog feeder the other day, and realized that it seems like a lot of people are doing book blogging, and not book reviewing. I think I counted 12 discussion posts, 10 meme posts, 5 other feature posts and 5 reviews. What? Where did all the reviews go?

I have other reasons, but I don’t think they’re needed. Those two sum up things pretty well. I like reviewing, I do it often, and I have no desire to change my current habits.

So there you have it. I am officially declaring myself a book reviewer. If you didn’t figure it out already. What are you, a book reviewer or a book blogger?

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  1. definitely a reviewer 🙂 I do reviews for a local paper as well and when I do blog it is reviews. Although over the last year I haven’t been perfect about reviewing every book, I do keep lists in case I am able to go back and write more reviews haha

  2. I guess I’m a book blogger. I do review every book I read, which comes out to about 2 reviews a week. But I post other things besides reviews. Now that I’ve been at this game for three years, my latest task has been to write more articles about books and about blogging. It’s a little bit of everything!

    I think I’ve seen a trend of some bloggers saying that they don’t actually like reviews, which may be why you are seeing fewer reviews. Some folks have admitted that they don’t actually read reviews and don’t like writing them, so they’ve stepped away from that aspect a bit. This makes me sad, because that’s how I learn about new books!

    • Congrats for doing it for more than 3 years!

      I’ve seen the trend of less reviews too, and it makes me sad too. Reviews are the reason I started book blogging, and they’re my favourite part.

  3. I’m definitely a book reviewer as well, I find them the easiest posts to write and the backbone of my blog. I know a lot of people talk about not wanting to read book reviews anymore, but those are still my favorite part of the community since I want to find books to read!

    • Reviews are my favourite part too. I struggle to write any kind of discussion post, but reviews are usually much easier. I love seeing and reading reviews since they introduce me to books I didn’t previously know about.

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