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Have you noticed the new trend toward duologies?

I have. It seems that instead of all new books being part of a trilogy, they’re now part of a duology. I’m torn on whether I like this new trend. I like duologies better than trilogies because there isn’t the “second book curse”. The journey through the story is a little shorter, so the action depends to be a bit faster and the emotional rollercoasters are a bit steeper. This tends to lead to a more exciting and thrilling read.

On the other hand, since there is less word space than in trilogies, there are a few less details, and maybe a few less adventures. Everything happens faster, so there is less time to absorb and really fall into the story.

Of course, two books instead of three is cheaper, and there is less of a wait for the next book. There is also less of a chance that the covers won’t match. All positives for the duology.

I think that overall, I like the move to duologies, but I still lament the fact that there are less standalone books. What happened to being able to just pick up a book and read it, without worrying about possible cliffhangers or whether you started with the right book?

What do you think of the new trend toward duologies? Love, hate, hadn’t noticed?

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  1. I haven’t noticed that trend, but I don’t think I’d mind it. I like stand alones as well, but since there are so few of those, I’ll take duologies.

  2. As long as there is a good story to tell, I don’t care how many installments an author puts out in a particular series/subject. The more, the better I say. It’s so hard to decide which new books and writers to take risks on, so the more sure things I have, the happier I am. That being said, yes, I have noticed the increase, and I don’t know if duologies will replace trilogies as the standard, but they definitely have their place, and I can definitely appreciate them.

  3. I’m really enjoying the trend of duologies. Like you said, it eliminates the second book syndrome all together and doesn’t drag out a story when it doesn’t need it.

  4. I am enjoying duologies! I like when they’re written to show two POVs. My mind, bank account, & book shelves are burned out in trilogies.

    I wish we could get back standalones. I love knowing all of the story when I close a book and not needing to wait for a year for a sequel to come out so I can read to learn more.

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