Feb 232014

A little late today, but I’ve been busy playing in the snow and shovelling. Yes, we got our 4th snowfall of the year! I find it so funny that I can count the number of snowfalls here. It’s even funnier that we went to the beach on Friday afternoon for a low-tide adventure with warm sunny weather, and then overnight we got enough snow to go sledding.

Books read:
The Lost SisterhoodThe-Lost-Sisterhood – This was an Amazon story that totally sucked me in with a double narrative: current day Diana and long ago Marina.

Ice StationIce Station – A fast paced Antarctic military-based adventure.

Ryder On The StormRyder On The Storm – A short but thrilling paranormal romance featuring a number of unusual species.

Books received:

The Case of the Flashing Fashion Queen Kitty Hawk And The Curse Of The Yukon Gold

The Case of the Flashing Fashion Queen (Dix Dodd Mystery #1)
by N.L. Wilson – Freebie Kindle strikes again
Kitty Hawk And The Curse Of The Yukon Gold by Iain Reading – how can I resist a “cross between Amelia Earhart, Nancy Drew and Pippi Longstocking”

  2 Responses to “Week in review Feb 23”

  1. Kitty Hawk looks funky! I like the idea of a cross between Pippi Longstockings and Nancy Drew! That’s brilliance! 🙂 Phew though, that’s pretty extreme weather. I’ve never seen snow. 😉 I’d like to one day, though!

    • I loved both Pippi and Nancy Drew as a kid, so there is no way I could resist it. Never seen snow? That’s crazy. I’m actually from Ontario, where we get a lot of snow, so this whole minimal snow thing is pretty funny to me.

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