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This past week was not a great week for me. I’m been very stressed out, and this has made me moody and tired and feeling apathetic. I still managed to get a bit of reading in, and when my mood seemed to brighten late in the week, I actually managed to go through all my review requests. Since my email folder getting out of control (160+ unread emails), I think that’s a pretty good accomplishment.

Books read:
Broken BladeBroken Blade – I wanted to love this as much as the previous book, but it was a lot more emotional to watch Kit break than it was watching her put herself back to together. I did love that we got more of Doyle, and the reveals at the end make me want more right away.

ReclamationReclamation – I’m sad that this trilogy is over. This was so delightful to read, and there was an innocence to the storytelling that makes it perfect for young YA readers, but with a level of detail that will appeal to adult readers too.

Rebel SpringRebel Spring – I found there to be a few too many viewpoints, but the story was exciting. I was disappointed that I ran out of story when I reached the last page. It was getting very exciting.

Daughter of Smoke & BoneDaughter of Smoke & Bone – After debating for a few days, I’ve decided to official DNF this audiobook. It was just too boring, and I don’t care enough to pick it back up. I made it halfway through, and I should be engaged by now, and I’m just not.

Books received:
I won a “clear your shelf” giveaway from Howling Books and Design, and was surprised by how large the box was when it was delivered this week.
Books from Howling books

Get ready for some craziness. Clearing my review request folder has resulted in a large increase to my TBR pile. Thank goodness these are all ebooks, otherwise my bookshelf might have cried.

Portrait of a water nymph with wet hair Full Moon Rising Gluttony Glyphbinder Philistine Ryder On The Storm The 13th Prophet The Medea Complex

As if that wasn’t enough, when I was looking up the details of one review request I got, I noticed that the book was currently free on Amazon. Well, that let to a whole other issue because the top 100 free lists sucked me in hard. I usually avoid them for a very good reason…

perf5.000x8.000.indd Dark Union The Darkest Gate Family Magic In Your Dreams Lie Catchers Marked The Ghost and the Graveyard The Girl The Tower's Alchemist

  4 Responses to “Week in review Feb 16”

  1. amazing job finishing so many books this week! i finished 2 haha so that’s awesome for me. also took on too many egalleys, they are always so tempted! I hope next week is better for you. too bad about daughter of smoke & bone, i have heard great things about that book and actually own a copy somewhere…maybe it just doesn’t make a good audio book because it’s got a lot of description or something?

    • Finishing any books is great. Egalleys are so tempting. I picked up quite a few at the beginning of January, all publishing around the end of Feb, but for once, I made sure to read them ahead of time.

      I’m not sure if it was the audiobook or the story itself for Daughter of Smoke & Bone, but I’ve decided that it doesn’t really matter. Too many books, too little time to stick with something that isn’t exciting me.

  2. that 100 free list on amazon gets me every time lol

    I need to work on my TBR pile this next month in kimba’s event.

    Awesome books this week.

    My Sunday Post/Stacking the Shelves

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

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