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Review: The Last Mortal ManThe Last Mortal Man (The Deathless #1) by Syne Mitchell
Published by Roc on Jun 6, 2006
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction
Format: Paperback from Purchased
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Rating: four-stars

In the twenty-fourth century, nano-designed biology has turned the world into humanity's playground. And entrepreneur Lucius Sterling has created a trillion-dollar empire solving the world's problems: poverty, disease, war, and even death. But when a new technology attacks the fundamental building blocks of nano-biology, the survival of humanity is at stake.And only Sterling's estranged grandson, Jack, can stop the destruction.

This was an exciting technology-based science fiction. With a heavy emphasis on science, this story made nanotechnology exciting, yet very accessible to layman readers.

I’m not really knowledgable about nanotechology or nanobiology, anything overly science-y. There were a few descriptions and explanations that I didn’t understand, but most of the science was written in a way that even I could understand and believe. The book’s beginning sections build up a scary future where nanotechology is in everything. It builds slowly, like most technology, and each new introduction sounds great. It’s exactly the way things happen now, which makes this a bit frightening.

Offsetting the technology is the main character Jack, who’s allergic to the nanotechnology. I love his character. He’s kind and friendly, and is an all-around good guy. It’s easy to like, admire, and pity everything he goes through.

Alexa is a different story. I liked her in the beginning, when she was a regular person trying to survive. By the end though, she seemed more like a robot machine than a person. I didn’t care for her by then, mainly because her personality seemed nonexistent.

Overall, this was a fun and exciting book. When I finished, I immediately went looking for the next book in the series, and was severely disappointed to learn that the rest of the series was never published. It definitely should have been, as the story was quite good, and I wanted more. Luckily, the main plot was wrapped up enough that there was no cliffhanger ending, but I still really wish there was more to read in the series.

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  1. This sounds awesome! What a pity they didn’t publish the rest of the series. For me, technology is not moving forward fast enough, haha! I want more and I want it now! Flying cars! Ok, I’m gonna calm down now. 😀

    • If there was ever a case where I wish the author had moved to self-publishing, it’s this one. At least then I could read the rest of the series!

  2. Oh Nooooo!! Not being able to finish the series is horrible. I’m glad the ending wasn’t a cliffhanger!

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