Feb 112014

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With Valentine’s Day coming later this week, it seems that romance books, and Valentine’s specific stories are popping up everywhere. I haven’t read any lately, and have no intention of doing so this week, or next.

I’m not being as anti-Valentine person, I just don’t usually read holiday specific books. Not Valentine’s Day, not Halloween, not even Christmas stories.

I mostly don’t read them because I’m too lazy or busy to organize myself and read them around the holiday. I mean, it seems a little silly to read a Christmas story in April, does it? Combined with the fact that holidays are usually pushed in your face for far too long before the occasion, I just get sick of it, and want to retreat into a time and place that isn’t holiday oriented. This mostly relates to Christmas, but does happen to a lesser degree at all the holidays.

What about you? Do you read holiday stories? Have you read any Valentine’s Day stories this week? Do you plan to?

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  1. I don’t go out of my way to make room for holiday books, but I don’t specifically stay away from them either.

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