Feb 182014

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I think it’s pretty obvious that I read a lot, and that I read pretty quickly. Sometimes I think I read too quickly. Mainly when I start getting a backlog of reviews that need to be written.

For happy, successful book blogging, reading streaks need to be followed by reviewing writing streaks. I’m usually pretty lucky that it happens that way on a regular basis, but I’m starting to fall behind. Not only that, but I’m also getting scheduled quite a good distance into the future. The books I’m finishing now will have reviews posted in mid-March. That’s a month away!

It’s been a while since I was that pre-written. It’s a nice way to take the pressure of reading off, but I feel like I still need to slow my reading pace down. I picked up a 550 page book on the weekend, thinking it would last me a while, but then flew through it in 2 days. No slowdown there!

Reading too fast. If that’s not a silly book blogging problem, I don’t know what is.

Tell me, have you ever wanted your reading speed to slow down instead of speed up? Any suggestions on how to do it, cause my immediate idea of longer books doesn’t seem to be the way.

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  1. ummm… no ideas, but pretty envious! I am super behind on reviews, but trying to do some catch up by combining series into one review for example. I also might just not review every single book I read, since I’m still reviewing lots of things from last year.

    • Series reviews are a great idea. I tend to spread out reading series books myself.
      Not reviewing every book? The idea hurts me since that’s exactly what I’ve done for 3 years. I can’t bring myself to skip any now, lol.

  2. Can’t say I have really wanted to slow it down. I read pretty slowly as it is so really I’m one of the people who’d love to be able to increase my reading speed without sacrificing comprehension.

    • I found that reviewing really helped my reading retention because it forced me to consider different parts and elements and what I thought of them.

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