Jan 192014

Week in review

I feel like I’m on a huge reading streak right now, and I’m loving it. My reading choices so far this year have been great, and I’ve been enjoying everything I’ve picked up. If this is any indication of what the year will be, it’s a great sign.

Books read:
Precious ThingAn intense pyschological thriller that really makes you question who the good guy is.

A Taste Fur MurderA Taste Fur Murder – An utterly delightful and amusing cozy mystery with a strong animal focus.

Books received:
Reclamation (Leland Dragon Series #3) by Jackie Gamber

  2 Responses to “Week in review Jan 19”

  1. Oh yay! You’ve read the third book in the Leland series! I have read the first two, but then kind of never got a chance to get to the third one.. was it good? I really enjoyed the previous two!
    And I really like the sound of the psychological thriller – I am a sucker for a good thriller, especially one that really messes with your head. Might have to look this one up! Great reading week, luv!

    • I haven’t read Reclamation yet, but with the book tour for it going on next month, I’ll be getting to it soon.
      Precious Thing is so crazy! You should definitely read it.

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