Jan 282014

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Last year I wrote about the trouble with reviewing series books, while is still very relevant with my focus on series this year. But it comes with another issue: reading series book reviews.

I have to admit that I don’t always read reviews for books #2+ for series that I haven’t started. I always read series in order, and something about reading reviews out of order, and for series I’m not familiar with strikes me as wrong. A lot of series build on previous books, and while most reviews don’t spoil that book, they could easily spoil past books.I tend to avoid spoilers, and so I tend to avoid these reviews.

If the review is about a series I have started, I will ofter read reviews of the next book that I haven’t read yet. For the same reason I read reviews of standalone books I haven’t read yet: I want to hear about the book and decide if I’m going to read it. Sometimes I know anyways, but if I’m undecided, I like to use other reviews to tell me decide. It’s not just the good reviews that help me, I like reading 1-3 star reviews too.

My avoidance of series books reviews does present a bit of a quandry though. Does everyone do this? Does posting series books reviews automatically mean most people won’t read them because they aren’t into the series?

Tell me. Do you have the same aversion to later-book series reviews? Or is it just a quirk that I have?

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  1. I don’t mind posting the series reviews as much as writing them. LoL. The further into the series I get it just becomes so hard to not spoil anything in my reviews and that drives me nuts!

    • Writing series reviews is definitely a challenge. I find that it’s part to talk about that book without just doing comparisons to past books.

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