Jan 012014

2014 Ebook Challenge button

Welcome to the first monthly review link-up for the 2014 Ebook Challenge.

Before you enter your reviews, please ensure you are signed up.

Below are reviews for the January books read for the challenge. Feel free to add your own links, and to visit and read other people’s reviews. The reviews are sorted alphabetically, so I’m looking forward to seeing whether multiple people read the same book, and whether their opinions differ.

  2 Responses to “2014 Ebook Challenge – January round-up”

  1. Playing catch-up with reviews for January. I still have 3 to do, unless you would prefer I just add them to the current month.

    • I think that only the Jan round-up allows for adding after the month is done, so Feb-May will need to be added to the current month. You might be better off just adding everything to the current month.

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