Dec 272013

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It’s almost the end of the year, so it’s time to start thinking about reading challenges for next year.

I love participating in reading challenges. Something about checking off titles from a list is so satisfying. Even though I don’t make reading lists before starting challenges, I still get to add titles to a list as I finish them. I have a slight bit of sadness every time I do a review and don’t have a challenge to match it to.

For 2013, I did pretty good with my reading challenges. The only one that I haven’t finished yet is the Audiobook Challenge, and I could still finish it if I took a couple hours and completed the book I’m listening to. I’m that close!

For 2014, I’ll be participating in the following challenges:
The Canadian Book Challenge 7 – this actually runs July 1-June 30 so it’s at the halfway point now.
2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
2014 TBR list pick
2014 Prequel & Sequel Challenge
2014 Audio Book Challenge
and of course, the challenge I’m hosting – 2014 Ebook Challenge

My reading goals for 2014 will focus on reducing my massive TBR pile, and progressing into or even finishing series that I’ve already started. I read a lot of book #1s this year, and not many sequels.

  3 Responses to “Discussion: 2014 Reading Challenges”

  1. I’m already in your E-book Challenge, and just joined the Audio Book Challenge. I’ve either never ‘done’ an audio book before or it’s been so long ago that it might as well be never. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for joining the ebook challenge. I find it’s one of the easiest to do, since there are few limitations. I find the audiobook challenge the hardest because I go through phases of listening to audiobooks. Right now I’m really into them again, so it makes it easier. It adds another element to a book that can either make or break it from a story experience.

  2. I will be signing up for the eBook Challenge again this year. Things got nuts this year so I was not able to keep up with updating but I will do better this next year!

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