Dec 312013

I can’t believe that December, or the entire year is over already. This past month flew by so fast. I feel like I’ve been saying that all year. I’m not sure why time is moving so quickly lately, but I wish it would slow down a bit. Regardless, it’s been a good year. I look forward to seeing what 2014 brings.

Books read:

In December – 9
Year-to-date – 130 – passed my 125 book goal!

Posted in December:

Reviews – 7
Discussion posts – Top 10 Reads of 2013
Author interviews – TR Patrick
Author guest posts – Tori L Ridgewood, Mike Phillips, Suzanne van Rooyen

Challenge Status:

2013 Audio Book Challenge – 12/12 – finished!
2013 Self-Published Reading Challenge – 25/25 – finished!
I finished all my 2013 reading challenges!
Canadian Book Challenge 7 – 8/13

What’s coming in January

I’m looking forward to making 2014 my TBR and sequel year, and have already gotten started on that. I enjoyed my 2013 goal of mood reading, and will likely continue with it since it has resulted in an overall great reading year.

I don’t have a lot planned for January so far, and I’m undecided whether I will go back to making sure I have posts every day, or if I will continue my relaxed December mood of being okay with having non-posting days. I think this is a common struggle for bloggers, and not one that will be solved easily.

I’ve been working on updating old posts to fit the UBB plugin, and I will continue this. I started with the most recent posts and am working my way backwards. I’m only at July 2013 right now, and it’s a lot more work that I expected, so it’s going to take a lot longer. But I’m enjoying it, which is the main thing. I like looking at the new auto-populating review archives. I think the Review by Series list will be especially helpful for me in 2014.

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  1. Happy reading in 2014!

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