Nov 082013
Review: TorrentTorrent (Rust & Relics #1) by Lindsay Buroker
Published by Self published on Sept 21, 2013
Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook from Purchased
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Rating: two-stars

When Delia chose to major in archaeology, she imagined herself as the female Indiana Jones of the Southwest. She didn’t imagine herself crawling through abandoned mine shafts, scrounging for rusty pickaxes and gold pans to sell on auction sites, but Indiana Jones didn’t have to make student loan payments.

Scouring the mountains of Arizona with Simon, her best friend and computer geek extraordinaire, Delia dreams of turning their scavenging enterprise into a legitimate business. More, she longs to earn the respect of peers who shun her for turning into a treasure hunter. What she doesn’t dream of is stumbling across a decapitated body in an old mine near Prescott.

Something dangerous has come to the mountains, and a pair of Harley-riding strangers are the only ones who seem to have a clue. They speak a language Delia has never heard and carry mysterious artifacts she’s never seen. Investigating these strangers might lead her to discoveries that change the face of archaeology forever… or it might lead her and her best friend into a deadly monster’s lair.

I picked this book up when it was first released for less than a dollar. I loved the first book in one of Lindsay Buroker’s other series, and love following her blog, so I figured the special intro price was a great way to try another of her books. Unfortunately, I was really bored with the story.

Delia and Simon are treasure hunting wannabes who have more luck swapping sarcastic remarks than they do in finding treasure. While investigating a mining cave for antiques, they instead find a recently mutiliated body. The adventure moves quickly from there as they encounter strange men on motorcycles, and some kind of monster in the forest.

While I liked the witty dialogue, that was about all I liked. With the exception of Temi, who remained quite close-lipped and mysterious, the rest of the characters were pretty childish. There was little depth to any of them, and I didn’t particularly like any of them. The story is filled with sci-fi and fantasy pop culture references which didn’t contribute much to the story.

Overall, the action was both quick and drawn out in this story. A lot of the significance of the events was left unexplained, hopefully to be covered later in the series. While the main plotline was neatly concluded, there was a lot of the overall series left open. A bit too much was left unexplained to really hook a reader to the series. I wasn’t captured by the premise or the characters, so I doubt I’ll continue the series.

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