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Interview: Sara Hantz + Giveaway

As part of her blog tour for her latest novel In the Blood, I have author Sara Hantz here to answer a few questions.

What are your thoughts on ebooks?
I LOVE ebooks, and no one is more surprised about it than I am. I’ve always been an avid reader. Not only that, I love the feel and smell of a new book. So when ereaders came out I was very dubious about them. My epiphany came when I bought one to take on vacation, instead of filling my suitcase up with books. It was amazing and now I’m a total convert. I do tend to buy non-fiction in print still, because it’s easier to flick between sections. For all my fiction reading it’s my Kindle!

Do you have a writing routine?
I wish. At the moment I work in our hospitality business and I try to fit my routine in around that. Sometimes I can get a clear run at it, maybe an hour without a phone call. At other times I can be interrupted every five minutes. I don’t mind. I have the attention span of a gnat so it all works out.

How long did it take to write your book?
From the time that I first had the idea and the book was completed was only a couple of months. Having said that, I did extensive revisions on several occasions based on feedback we had from editors. The final version has a lot more depth than the original.

Do you write your book from page 1 to the end, or do you jump around?
I am a very linear writer. The thought of writing out of order brings me out in hives. I find it amazing when people tell me they write a bunch of scenes and then decide how to piece them together. I’m also a detailed plotter which is a perfect fit for a linear writer like I am because it means that I don’t get stuck and not know which direction to take.

What input, if any, did you have in the cover design?
My publisher sent me a cover art form though my input wasn’t very useful as I couldn’t think of anything other than I don’t like cartoon characters!! I’m not a very visual person. I was so happy when I saw the cover they’d designed. It truly was better than anything I could have imagined.

About Sara Hantz

Sara Hantz comes from the UK and now lives in Australia (via 10 years in New Zealand). With a background in education, she lectured for many years before deciding to devote more time to her writing and working in the family business. She is also the author of Will the Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up, and The Second Virginity of Suzy Green.

Interview: Sara Hantz + GiveawayIn the Blood by Sara Hantz
Published by Entangled Teen on Nov 5, 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, YA
Find the book: Amazon, Goodreads

For seventeen years Jed Franklin’s life was normal. Then his father was charged with the abuse and murder of four young boys and normal became a nightmare.

His mom’s practically a walking zombie, he’s lost most of his friends, and the press camps out on his lawn. The only things that keep him sane are his little sis; his best friend and dream girl, Summer; and the alcohol he stashes in his room. But after Jed wakes up from a total blackout to discover a local kid has gone missing—a kid he was last seen talking to—he’s forced to face his greatest fear: that he could somehow be responsible.

In a life that’s spiraled out of control, Jed must decide if he chooses his own destiny with Summer by his side or if the violent urges that plagued his father are truly in the blood…

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  1. I think it’s normally the people who bring books on vacation who end up being good writers ^^

  2. Congrats on your release Sara! “In the Blood” sounds wonderful!

  3. I hadn’t thought of that before, Christine 🙂

    Thanks, Margaret!!


  5. Sounds like a great read!!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!

  6. The thought of reading out of order would bring me out in hives too.

  7. It looks like a very intense story. I do like the idea of bringing so many books with you wherever you go on your ereader.

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