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Review: Thunder on the Battlefield: SorceryThunder on the Battlefield: Sorcery (Thunder on the Battlefield #2) by James R. Tuck
Published by Seventh Star Press on Aug 8, 2013
Genres: Adult, Fantasy
Format: eBook from Publisher
Find the book: Amazon, Goodreads
Rating: three-stars

BEHOLD! the clash of war. Steel upon steel and heroes fighting shield to shield. The only true victory is a brave death and the destruction of your enemies. These stories harken back to a barbaric past that never was. A time when heroic men and women cut glory from the cloth of a sorcery-filled world and stole gold from the hands of the gods themselves. This is fiction that takes no prisoners. No quarter asked. No quarter given. This is SWORD AND SORCERY.

Reading this collection, I expected more magic and less violence. While magic and sorcery does feature in the stories, the violence still seems to be the dominant theme. The stories I enjoyed most were:

The Ruins of St Louis by Selah Janel – A hinted love story set in the ruins of the future. This story seemed like a sneak peek at a full length story that I’d love to read.

Mark of the Warrior by Steven Grassie – An honorable hero in a tragic situation, he strives to do the best thing for everyone, even when his options are severely limited.

Angels of Scrawl by James R. Tuck – Rescue and redemption of defenseless girls by a not-wholely-good warrier. Classic and enjoyable.

The Cherubian, The Lindworm, and The Portal by M.B. Weston – Unique creatures with a noble purpose. This was the most creative fantasy-based story in the collection.

Black Ice by S.H. Roddey – A strong heroine determined to save her people while accompanied by an amusing sidekick. The fight was a bit short, but the story was entertaining.

Across the Wilds – D.A. Adams – The story of an escaped slave, this was more about survival in a magical world than violence.

Dark Genesis by Mark Taverna – A darkly disturbing story, Gaiwoun, the hero’s brother, was the scariest part of the story.

I once again enjoyed about half the stories in the collection. There was a good assortment of settings and situations, with a few stories that I’d like to read more of. While magic features in all the stories, violence is still the predominant theme and readers should expect quite a bit of gore.

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