Sep 302013

This was a fast month full of excitement. My son started preschool this month, and is doing great. He loves it, and his teacher says he is a great little socializer. I figured he would be since he talks to everyone, but it’s nice to hear it from someone else. We went on a weekend adventure to Victoria, and while we didn’t get to do a lot of things we wanted to, it was fun. And I have a better idea of what we should do when we visit again in the spring.

Books read:

In September – 9
Year-to-date – 100!

Posted in September:

Reviews – 11
Discussion posts – Taking Notes While Reading, In Depth Book Discussion: If I Stay, Top Ten Sequels
Author interviews – Kim Howard Johnson, Danielle Monsch, Kat Micari, Selah Janel
Cover interviews – Timothy Maguire, Georgiana Derwent, Esther Wheelmaker, Hernanth Gorur
Author guest posts – none

Challenge Status:

2013 Audio Book Challenge – 9/12
2013 Ebook Challenge – 42/50
2013 Self-Published Reading Challenge – 22/25
Canadian Book Challenge 7 – 5/13 – unchanged this month

What’s coming in October?

Hopefully a faster site as I plan to switch web hosts! I am sick of the slowness, and the non-answers I get when I question the company about my issues.
I also have some cool blog tours coming up.
Not sure if I’ll be participating in a big giveaway hop yet, but I will either do one in October or November. Any that you suggest?

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