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Gravely Inanimated

What was your intention for the cover?
I wanted to make a cover that would define the book itself. Putting it in the graveyard (which was so much fun) really brought out the concept of death (if the title wasn’t clear enough already lol). However, I also wanted to add the strong female lead, that way I could show the concept of steampunk that is also a big part of the book. The right clothing (that I got from Steampunk Works) really showed the genre in that way.

How did you create the cover?
I had to find a graveyard that would give me permission to shoot, which I did (as long as I didn’t show names on the tombstones). Then it was just a call to my photographer and a model who could pull of the lead character Lucy. She was found through friends I made through Facebook….Let’s just say it’s who you know a lot of the time. After the photographs the graphic designer went to work and I got this beautiful cover.

Are you happy with the end result?
It is one of my favorites and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Is there anything you would change?

What do you think the cover says about your book?
I think it screams “old fashion”. This is somewhat a historical romance because it is set in the late 1800’s but is steampunk so steampowered elements scifi and fantasy are involved. I think it screams out to the genres it reflects.

Gravely Inanimated by Esther Wheelmaker
Published by Third Broom on the Left Press on Mar 29, 2013
Genres: Steampunk
Find the book: Amazon, Goodreads

Extra, extra, read all about it: Zombies Invade London!

It has been thirty years since England was plagued by zombies. Humans fear for their lives while the dead kill the living.

By the cover of night, a man known only as Aeron hunts these creatures. On one foggy evening he finds Lucille Knight's life in jeopardy and Aeron's interest is instantly peaked when he saves the young lady.

But Aeron will have competition when Lucy meets Lord Garrett Ashdown, son of the Inventor, Earl Thomas.

Lucy is drawn to the masked man and equally mysterious Lord. With one concealing his true identity and the other hiding a ghastly secret, she does not know which one is less dangerous.

Will she be able to be with the man she chooses when she learns the awful truth?

It is still unclear. And the current edition isn’t spilling the beans just yet…

My Thoughts: I like the moodiness and slight colour toning of the cover. It adds a bit of darkness to the cover, which would otherwise just be a pretty girl in a fancy dress. I’m not sure it invokes steampunk 1800s, it has more of a modern goth feel to it, but it does make sense, and is overall appealing.

What do you think of the cover? Does it make you want to pick up the book?

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  1. One thing Ms. Wheelmaker neglected to mention in your interview: “Gravely Inanimated” makes for some really good reading! There is a lot more depth to this than just a run-of-the-mill zombie/love story, and I heartily urge everybody to get a copy and read it.


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