Jul 212013

I don’t really have any news to share. I’ve been spending lots of time outside in the sunshine and at the beach, and yet I still managed to finish a few books, which is always rewarding.

Books read:
A beautiful story that was full of elegant descriptions and flowing scenes.

A little slow in the first half, it more than makes up for it with the action in the second half.

Books received:

The Quest for Juice (Paranoia #1) by Jonathan-David Jackson
Replica (Replica Trilogy #1) by Jenna Black
Beasthood (The Hidden Blood Series #1) by A.Z. Green

My Summer Exchange books arrived from Stephanie at A Dream Within A Dream:

Shadow’s Edge (Night Angel #2) by Brent Weeks
Crow Lake by Mary Lawson

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  1. Gargoyle is probably one of my favourite books, will be excited to see what you think 🙂

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