Jul 312013

July went by very fast. I got in a decent amount of reading, but my reviews are starting to fall behind. I started a new cover interview series, and a newly weekly meme to find some awesome posts and blogs to read.

Books read:

In July – 11
Year-to-date – 77

Posted in July:

Reviews – 9
Discussion posts – How book length affects reviewing
Author interviews – Kaleb Quist, Debra Robinson, John Barlow, Jenna Black
Author guest posts – none
Cover interviews: June Stevens, Justin Beinvenue, Robert D Spake, SJ Hunter, ChristaCarol Jones

Challenge Status:

2013 Audio Book Challenge – 7/12
2013 Ebook Challenge – 30/50
2013 Self-Published Reading Challenge – 19/25
Canadian Book Challenge 7 – 4/13

What’s coming in August?

hopbannerI’ll be participating in The Last Hurrah Giveaway Hop hosted by Candace’s Book Blog. Featuring summery books, this giveaway will run Aug 18-24.

I’ll also be participating in a couple of book tours that I’m quite excited about.

My cover interview series will continue through August, and so will my weekly posts of the week meme. I hope you’ll leave some comments on the covers, and join in linking up some posts that caught your eye during the week.

  4 Responses to “July in review”

  1. I wish I was able to read half as many books as you! I can barely even finish a book within a few months anymore (my schedule has been crazy). Good for you though! I’ve always been jealous of the people who find books that they love

    Reviews Until You Drop

  2. You still had a good month for summertime!
    Happy August reading!

  3. That’s a heck of a haul, and much faster than I read in most months! 77 is more books than I’ll likely knock down all year. It was all I could do to finish Guy Gavriel Kay’s (masterful) River of Stars for the Canadian reading challenge with all the trips and business work that piled on in July.

  4. I’ve been enjoying the cover interviews. Great job on that!

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