May 262013

The countdown is on now, we leave on Friday. Starting Thursday, all posts will have been re-scheduled. I’ll likely have spotty computer access, so I won’t be around much, but I’ll clean up the backlog of stuff once we are there and unpacked.

Books read:
Mostly disappointing as I spent the majority of the story confusing and waiting for an explanation that was never given.

Love loved! I am so glad I got around to reading this book. It was a slower pace than most catastrophe stories, but it was still intriguing.

Slightly predictably, this was still a fun read. It offered a glimpse into the life of someone living with a hoarder, and it’s not pretty.

Books received:

I, Spy (Spy Another Day #1) by Jordan McCollum
King’s Mark by Stephanie Herman

Nails this week:
purpleI did a simple lilac with glitter accents. My son picked out the colours for me because I didn’t know what to pick.

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  1. I loved The Age of Miracles too, Sarah. And I am so glad you enjoyed it. I actually loved the meandering pace and whimsical quality the writing took on in the face of such a disaster. It was really bizarre. But in a good way!

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