May 092013
Review: The TwelveThe Twelve (The Passage #2) by Justin Cronin
Published by Orion on Apr 1, 2013
Genres: Adult, Horror, Post Apocalyptic
Format: Paperback from Purchased
Find the book: Amazon, Goodreads
Rating: four-stars


At the end of The Passage, the great viral plague had left a small group of survivors clinging to life amidst a world transformed into a nightmare. In the second volume of this epic trilogy, this same group of survivors, led by the mysterious, charismatic Amy, go on the attack, leading an insurrection against the virals: the first offensives of the Second Viral War.

To do this, they must infiltrate a dozen hives, each presided over by one of the original Twelve. Their secret weapon: Alicia, transformed at the end of book one into a half human, half viral—but whose side, in the end, is she really on?

After loving the first book, I was very excited and nervous about this second book. I really wanted this book to match the excitement and thrill of the first, and was worried that it would suffer the dreaded 2nd book curse. Happily, this book was a great addition to the series.

The book started with a story from the beginning of the plague that was parallel to the first book. It eventually caught up to ending of the first book and went on from there. The timeline was a bit confusing at times as I tried to match the events in this book to what happened in the first book.

The story made a great companion to the first book. It was not a stand alone book, but did contriibute greatly to the overall plot. There was little repetition from the first book, so you definitely need to read it first to understand what is going on.

The story had a number of interesting twists and turns. There were not really many huge surprises though. There was lots left open for the next book, and I can’t wait to read it.

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