May 102013

I was thinking the other day about author interviews. I have had quite a few lately, and love doing them. My first discussion post, way back in May 2011, was about author interviews. Reading it, it’s pretty amazing how things have changed since then.

Fun thing, I have the same image for discussion posts, but my experience with author interviews is totally different now.

Since that post, I have hosted numerous interviews, well over 100! I have a file with 23 interview questions that I send to authors and ask them to choose 4-5 to answer. My questions are the same for all authors, but the answers are always different. One thing I like about this way of handling things is that I get to see what questions authors choose, and how the answers differ between them. There are one or two questions I wish every author would handle, but I leave the choosing up to them. I do get a little happier when I see they pick my favourite question though. I sometimes regret that the questions aren’t more specific to the author’s work though.

The questions I have include a number of different types: from writing process and inspiration, to promotion, to reviews, to book covers, so on. I noticed that I haven’t changed any questions since Oct 2012. I should maybe switch up some questions, but at the same time, I like the variety I have. Perhaps I should go through and see which ones are answered most often, and least often and adjust from there. (Onto the To Do list that goes.)

How do you handle author interviews? Do you tailor the questions to the author, or use a set list?
Any authors want to weigh in and comment about what types of interview questions you like to answer?

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