Apr 242013
Review: The Map of TimeThe Map of Time (Trilogía Victoriana #1) by Félix J. Palma
Narrated by: James Langton
Published by Simon & Schuster Audio on Jun 28, 2011
Genres: Adult, Time Travel
Format: Audiobook from Library
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Rating: dnf

Set in Victorian London with characters real and imagined, The Map of Time boasts a triple-play of intertwined plots in which a skeptical H.G. Wells is called upon to investigate purported incidents of time travel and thereby save the lives of an aristocrat in love with a murdered prostitute from the past; of a woman bent on fleeing the strictures of Victorian society; and of his very own wife, who may have become a pawn in a 4th-dimensional plot to murder the authors of Dracula, The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds, in order to alter their identities and steal their fictional creations.

But, what happens if we change history? FÉlix J. Palma raises such questions in The Map of Time. Mingling fictional characters with real ones, Palma weaves a historical fantasy as imaginative as it is exciting, a story full of love and adventure that also pays homage to the roots of science fiction while transporting its readers to a fascinating Victorian London for their own taste of time travel.

This book started out very slowly, and unfortunately, it never captured my attention enough for me to make it past Andrew’s story. I made it most of the way through his part, but there wasn’t anything happening. It was just his obsession with a low prostitute, without much plot.

The narration was slow and jerky. It took some getting used to, and even then, I found my attention wandering away. The narration was not very exciting.

At one point, knowing that most reviews rave about the book, I took out my disc and verified that I did have the right one. I didn’t see how the story I was hearing was the same mentioned in the summary or the review. Alas, I did have the right disc. I just didn’t connect with the story, and so, gave up listening to it.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy The Map of Time as much as you wanted to. I really loved it myself – but I didn’t listen to the audio so maybe that helped with the pacing?

  2. I would definitely buy this from the cover and description although it obviously has issues. Is it because of the audio version, perhaps (like Christa said?). I’d still give it a go though 🙂

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