Apr 302013

I had another great reading month, with my choices split prety evenly between physical and ebook. I had a more balanced selection of YA and adult, and had a greater range in ratings. Overall, it was a quick month, and I’m surprised how much I actually read.

Blogwise, I started doing more discussion posts and had a lot of fun with them. My guest reviewer last month has officially joined as an occasional reviewer, so watch for more Martin Reviews in the future. I have a second occasional reviewer who might be joined too, which is exciting. And there will be plenty of my own reviews as well, especially if my read count stays this high. I actually increased my Goodreads challenge for the year from 100 books to 125 to better match my current reading rate.

Books read:

In April – 13
Year-to-date – 45

Posted in April:

Reviews – 14
Discussion posts – Blogging and Real Life, Categories vs Tags, Hidden Series Books, A Blogger’s Never Ending To-do List
Author interviews – Eric Edstrom, Sean C Sousa, Annalise Grey, Jessica O’Gorek, Meredith Lorimar, Graham Parke
Author guest posts – none

Challenge Status:

2013 Audio Book Challenge – 3/12
2013 Ebook Challenge – 16/50
2013 Self-Published Reading Challenge – 11/25

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  1. Happy May reading!

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