Mar 312013

I once again had an almost completely unbooked reading month. Just like last month, I picked my reads based on my mood at the time, and it resulted in much more enjoyable reading. I have only had one DNF so far, and all ratings have been 3 stars or higher.

I am moving in May, and have set myself a goal to reduce the number of physical books that I have to move. I went through them all and classified them as either “keep”, “read then give away” or “okay to give now”. My keep pile is quite small, less than 20 books total. My read pile has been reduced to 50 books, while everything else is in the last pile. I have given away all of my ARCs already, and just have finished copies left. If anyone is interested, you can have them if you pay for shipping. The selection is on my trade page, and I can get a quote for the shipping if desired.

Books read:

In March – 8
Year-to-date – 31

Posted in March:

Reviews – 12 and 1 special guest review
Discussion posts – The Trouble with Reviewing Series Books
Author interviews – Suzanne van Rooyen, Kimberly Lewis, Christie Rich , Troy Jackson, Coral Russell, Heather Huffman, Mike Romeling, John Hennessey, Lisa Voisin, Lorna Peel
Author guest posts – none

Challenge Status:

2013 Audio Book Challenge – 2/12
2013 Ebook Challenge – 10/50
2013 Self-Published Reading Challenge – 6/25
Canadian Book Challenge 6 – 19/13
2013 TBR Double Dog Dare – The challenge is now over. Technically, I failed since I did read 4 books that I received since Jan 1, but since I read 27 books that I had prior to Jan 1, I think that’s a great win.

What’s coming in April?

My birthday is next week. It’s not a “special” milestone, but I do love birthdays.

  2 Responses to “March in review”

  1. Happy easter and happy April reading!

  2. I think it’s great you’ve been picking books based on your mood. I haven’t done that ALL YEAR so far because I have so many review books. Last year I wished for review books and now I’m overwhelmed. Not complaining, but I’ll be glad when I can pick based on my mood!

    ~Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer

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