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Today Christie Rich, author of the Elemental Enmity series, is here to answer a few questions. The fourth book of her series was just released earlier this year, and you can try the first book free on Smashwords.

What’s the hardest part of writing a book?
Not being able to write fast enough. The story flows fast sometimes and other times it crawls along. The process is always rewarding, yet I’m a bit too impatient to truly appreciate when the words are hard to find.

What’s your favourite part of writing a book?
When my fingers fly faster than my brain can really keep up. When that happens I know I’m going to love the scene I’ve written because it comes from the deepest part of me.

What are your thoughts on ebooks? (i.e. love them, hate them, wave of the future)
I happen to love ebooks. I have a kindle and I don’t go anywhere without it. Not only is it light weight, I am able to pack as many books as I want in a tight space. It is my favorite way to read, but I still enjoy a good paper copy. I think as generations come and go, digital will become more commonplace. Technology has a way of trickling down to all types of people eventually, and I think ebooks are no exception. I think there will always be both types, but it is so nice to have a choice.

Do you read reviews written about your book?
I occasionally read reviews about my books, but I don’t dwell on them, good or bad. It’s nice to hear positive feedback, but I write to entertain myself as much as I write for readers. My books come from my heart and I hope people will connect with my stories, but I also realize that not every person will relate to every story. That being said, reviews are so important to the success of a book and I am so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to share their thoughts about my books.

What input, if any, did you have in the cover design?
Since I am an independent author I have complete control of my covers. I’ve found an artist that has captured my vision for my books completely. I’m extremely pleased with my covers and each holds a special place in my heart.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you so much for having me here today, Sarah! It was fun answering your questions and I appreciate your support.

Christie RichAbout Christie Rich
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I love to be creative. It is more than a hobby. It is a need of mine. Whether writing, reading, painting or trying something new, I spend most of my time in the pursuit of freeing the creations inside me. I live in Northern Utah with my wonderful husband, two beautiful children, a spastic dog that thinks she’s a horse, and two extremely lazy cats.

FiveFive (Elemental Enmity #1) by Christie Rich
Links: Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads

Rayla Tate’s life is about to turn vertical…again. As if it wasn’t bad enough her mother disappeared under questionable circumstances leaving Rayla to be raised by her aunt in a horrendously small town. Her overprotective guardian is determined to ruin Rayla’s life. She refuses to let Rayla out of her sight or out of the state. Provincial living might be what her aunt demands of her purposely sheltered niece; but, Rayla has other ideas. In a desperate attempt to follow her dreams she flees the safety of her home and runs away to college with her best friend toward a bright future in the art world.

However, excitement over her newfound freedom turns into terror when she is chased by a mysterious stranger on her way to school. When his motorcycle suddenly morphs into a fire-breathing pegasus, Rayla questions her sanity. Worse, the man riding next to her stirs a burning desire in her soul she has never known or could have ever imagined. Using all the will she owns, she manages to resist the compulsion she feels; yet, as he disappears into the night, she is certain he hasn’t gone far.

Rayla quickly dismisses the encounter to her overactive imagination. She is determined to settle into her new life, yet the images and feelings of that night still haunt her. To make matters worse, her aunt seems to be in on the act, insisting that Rayla will soon be hunted by a pack of fae lords for a power over the elements she never knew she possessed—a power that could change the world. Quicker than she ever thought possible, she finds herself surrounded by stunning men that all seem determined to win her heart. Why does she feel drawn to each one of them? More importantly, what dark power do they hold over her? Rayla must quickly learn to fend off these beautiful and seductive pursuers using whatever means necessary or find herself lost to the fae world forever.

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  1. It’s always nice to read author Q&As. I agree about the reviews. I left a review for a book I loved and thought the characters were so well developed and intertwined nicely. I read another review that said quite the opposite. If you don’t love to write, then you will always be disappointed.

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