Feb 102013

The news this week is all about the snow dumping that happened Thursday night and all day Friday. We got a lot. It was a mess. But it’s very pretty. And now we are expecting above freezing temperatures on Monday, which should make a bigger mess with flooding once all the snow starts to melt. It has been such a crazy up and down winter this year.

Reading-wise, this has been a steady week. I had to take a short little break from my Double Dog Dare Challenge in order to read a scheduled review for a book that just arrived, but other than that I am still going strong reading only off my TBR list. I have also gotten back into audiobooks. Not so much on my short commute, but for the hour or so that I kill playing Facebook games most nights, it adds an extra entertainment angle.

Books read:
A book about the rise of a young pop star, it reminded me a lot of Justin Bieber. Yeah, I said it.

A powerful and emotional story, I don’t the words to describe it yet. Maybe with the word cry-fest.

In a romance about the power of love and survival, the author’s passion for the Philippines is the element that stands out the most.

Books received:

Nails this week:
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a nail polish addict. I thought I might share that a bit more by adding my weekly nail polish to my review posts. For the month of February I am participating in a #febnails challenge which has a new them every three days. Here are the first three nail looks I did:

pink sandwich nude

Feb 1 – Anti-valentine’s Day – I did pink nails in a cloud style. No hearts = anti-Valentine’s.
Feb 4 – Jelly sandwich – This is when you layer glitter between layers of colour. You almost can’t tell that my subtle pink polish is also over the glitter.
Feb 7 – Nude – I don’t have a true nude polish, so I used a gray-ish one and added a pop of colour by trying some freehand painting.

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