Feb 262013
Review: Twice as DeadlyTwice as Deadly (The Deadlies #2) by A.C. Miller
Published by Self published on Jul 24, 2012
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback from Purchased
Find the book: Amazon, Goodreads
Rating: four-stars

An elite team of assassins are back at it again. While on a dangerous quest to identify and execute a band of rogue vampires and their sovereign before they kill more humans, the Enforcers sneak into their informant’s apartment in the middle of the night. A corpse with its mouth frozen open in a scream lies on the living room floor in a pool of blood. Their informant, Scummer, is dead, and it is obvious that whatever killed him had no mercy.

Bane “Vanity” Hellblazer is a Deadly who has learned to roll with the punches. But when the Graces move into the Deadlies’ house to hide from an overzealous celebrity reporter, Bane soon realizes that they are all bound to protect humans and supernaturals from danger. As the Deadlies attempt to identify the rogue sovereign vampire and find out who murdered their informant, Bane’s twin brother, Demon, makes the Graces an offer they cannot refuse. As soon as the Graces agree to help, the Enforcers embark on a search of two missing gnomes–all while still attempting to fit in the usual executions.

In this continuing saga, a struggle for power ensues as Bane discovers there are sometimes drawbacks to being Demon’s twin.

This book picked up minutes after the first book ended, which is good because the cliffhanger ending in the first book was killer. While it started right away, it did take a few chapters to get to the easy and relaxed feel of the first book. Those first few pages felt forced and formal, but once the writing relaxed, it was fun and entertaining again.

This book focused on Bane, who is such a sweetheart. He seems to spend most of his time in the shadow behind Demon, and even in this story where he played the main part, I felt like I gained a lot more insight into Demon than anyone else.

The Graces played a prominent part in this book. It was interesting learning more about them, but I still don’t quite understand their purpose. The Deadlies are enforcers, but what are the Graces? Beside being a bunch of people who seem to be mostly the opposite of their powers. They seem like better candidates for bad guys than the Deadlies ever do.

This book ends on another killer cliffhanger ending, and it seems even worse than the first, but that may just be because the third book isn’t out yet. I really need for it to be available. I can’t wait to find out which Deadlie is the star of the next book. I hope Demon, but I’m guessing he will be the last one, so I’m going with Riot, which should make for a hot and humourous read.

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