Feb 072013

Today I have a quick interview with Estefan Suzuki, author of Two Lovely Relationships between Three Souls.

Do you read reviews written about your book?
Yes, I try to read all reviews and try to learn what my readers think and I will try to improve my writing skills.

How do you deal with negative reviews?
I will think about it and try not to make same mistake again.

What types of promoting do you do?
I normally promote online. I use social media and do SEO for my site.

Is most of your promoting online or offline?
I only promote my books and site online for now. However, I will try many different ways to promote in the future.

About Estefan Suzuki
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The author of eBook “Two Lovely Relationships between Three Souls” is Estefan Suzuki who is Japanese. He is renowned in the globe for his awe-inspiring fiction novels. He is also expertise in writing various categories of novels like Thriller stories and supernatural stories. The people can surely search out for his individuality in each and every art of works which were being presented to the populace.

This prominent personality stepped into this astonishing world on November 07th 1974 in a place called Muroran Hokkaido which is being deep-rooted within the boundaries of Japan. This eminent personality was being graduated with high flying colors from the Bangkok University International College. He did his major paper in Business English. At this state of affairs, Estefan Suzuki is living happily by giving away his masterpieces to the populace by being in Bangkok which is a famous city in the region of Thailand.

Two Lovely Relationships Between Three SoulsTwo Lovely Relationships Between Three Souls by Estefan Suzuki
Links: Amazon, Goodreads

This renowned eBook “Two Lovely Relationships between Three Souls” was completely fabricated based upon the relationships between three characters named Edward (Main Character in the story), Mithra (Close friend of Edward), and Flora (Edward’s Girl friend).

The story starts very lovely describing about the connection between each characters and their importance in the story. But at last, the story ends up with an unexpected mystery which no one can expect while reading the story.

Meanwhile, the awe-inspiring chronicle entrenches with several numbers of characters so as to make the story more interesting when you are reading.

Do you longing for an appropriate mystery story?

This eBook will be the paramount one for the populace.

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