Jan 062013

The first weekly review of a new year. There’s always something special about that. Even more fun is the start of all the new reading challenges. I’m participating in a few this year. Mostly repeats of last year, with the notable exception that I didn’t find a sci fi/spec fic challenge. Does anyone know of one that I could join?

I do have a new challenge I am trying; the TBR Double Dog Dare. It involves reading only books from your TBR list for Jan 1-Mar 31. Hopefully this will help me reduce a bit of the tbr list. I am keeping in mind the fact that I have been reading slower the last few months, and have reduced my overall reading goal of the year to 100 books. That’s still 2 a week, which I think I can manage.

Books read:
I missed last week’s recap, but I figure I will start fresh with only books I have finished (or quit) as of Jan 1.
A beautiful and sad family drama with a strong mystery element.

Books received:

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