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Review: Stay with Me: A NovelStay with Me: A Novel by Sandra Rodriguez Barron
Published by Harper Perennial on Nov 30, 2010
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Mystery
Format: Paperback from Gift
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Rating: four-stars

In 1979, five toddlers were found alone in a luxury boat tied to a dock in Puerto Rico after a devastating hurricane. No one knew who they were or where they came from. Raised by different families, they remained connected by a special bond–always considering themselves siblings, despite their unknown blood relations.

Now adults, Taina, Holly, Adrian, and Raymond have been summoned by the fifth, David, to an island off the coast of Connecticut and the family home of David’s ex-girlfriend, Julia. But along with the joy of reuniting comes the exposure of raw places, jealousy, and childhood sorrows. Having been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer–and experiencing flashbacks to the time before the hurricane–David believes that healing his relationship with Julia and discovering his origins will strengthen his ability to endure and survive. David pushes the people he loves the most to their emotional breaking points in order to uncover the truth about the mystery that both unites and divides them.

Intensely gripping and lyrically written, Stay with Me is a magnificent blend of romance, suspense, atmosphere, and intrigue that brilliantly explores the true meaning of family and the remarkable ways a personal history can paint a future.

A beautiful and sad family drama with a strong mystery element. The story starts with the story of five toddlers abandoned on a boat before jumping to the present where the five are reconnecting due to the inevitable death of one of them. They decide they want to find out their true origins because not knowing has shaped each of their lives in a different manner.

I have to admit that I didn’t connect much with any of the five. I felt more of a connection with Julie, who is David’s ex-girlfriend and whose house everyone is meeting in. Each of the five seem too exaggerated and one-dimensional to fully seem real, but Julie is average and normal. Her relationship with David is complex and I can understand why she does what she does.

The mystery of finding out how the five toddlers got on the boat in the first is only really delved into near the end, and although it seems to be resolved quite quickly, it is still a dramatic and emotional story. It was my favourite part of the book, and I wish more time had been spent on telling that part of the tale.

Overall, this was an emotional story that I quite enjoyed, even if I didn’t really enjoy most of the characters. As a family drama, it tells quite the story and certainly highlights the craziness that some families have, even if they aren’t families by blood. There seems to be a message that family is what you make it to be, which is noble and translates well on paper.

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  1. This on sounds interesting. I like the cover, and the title. I will add it to my ever-growing TBR list.

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