Jan 142013
Review: Perfect CopyPerfect Copy by Judith Gaines
Published by Self published on Sept 1, 2010
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction
Format: eBook from Free Download
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Rating: three-stars

Is there really such a thing as a Perfect Copy? Young Roman is more than a copy of his genetic donor. He is better, enhanced and terrifyingly linked to a murderer. Yet the question remains, who’s the greater threat, Roman or the those charged to protect him? Set among the folds of the NC Great Smokey Mountains, Perfect Copy is a thrill ride of suspense.

The summary doesn’t really tell you much, but this is a horror story about clones. There isn’t much background about why or how, the focus is on now, and the consequences of creating clones.

Told by the nanny Brina, the story is quick and thrilling. Brina’s viewpoint creates a victim angle with a strong compassion streak. It is obvious she adores the young Roman, and this colours her ideas about the clones. She is strong and very passionate about following her own moral code.

Overall this is an entertaining read. I would have loved to have learned more about the how and why of the clones. There is also the question about clones that didn’t make an appearance in the story. Are there more, and what are they like. Despite these unanswered questions, this was a very thrilling horror story.

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