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Review: Leaving the Comfort CafeLeaving the Comfort Cafe by Dawn DeAnna Wilson
Published by The Wild Rose Press on Feb 1, 2008
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: eBook from Free Download
Find the book: Amazon, Goodreads
Rating: three-stars

Blythe makes a perfect score on her SAT, earns a full scholarship to Cornell, but never goes. Instead, she becomes a waitress at the Comfort Café, a “Mom and Pop” restaurant in Conyers, North Carolina.

Austin has the perfect chance to follow his college crush to New York City, but a slumping economy causes him to hesitate, and he instead takes a job as town manager of Conyers — where he discovers his master’s degree is no match for the well-oiled machinery of “good ol’ boy” Southern politics.

Austin visits the Comfort Café to sample its famous raspberry pie, but gets much more than a dose of dessert – he gets a helping of Blythe, who brings a splash of color to his gray-flannel world … and makes him determined to discover why she abandoned her Ivy League ambitions.

This was a pick-me-up story about living life and finding happiness in the every day. At first I was a bit unsure of the story because the characters were hard to relate to. Austin was whiny and Blythe was over-the-top eccentric and the rest of the characters were simply unbelievable. But over time the story seemed to relax into an entertaining read.

I really loved Austin’s comic book based on the town people. It was a fun geek outlet that lent Austin depth, while serving to make the characters seem less unbelievable. When they are taken to comic book extremes, their every day behaviour seems more real and ordinary, even if it isn’t really.

Overall, this was a fun story that is sure to make you smile a few times. It was a little and entertaining read and made for an enjoyable reading experience.

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