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Review: Inside the CupInside the Cup by Kenneth Brown
Published by Fee Pub. Co on 2012
Genres: Non-fiction
Format: Paperback from BEA 2012
Find the book: Amazon, Goodreads
Rating: five-stars

Have you ever awkwardly tried to place an order at Starbucks? Maybe you weren’t sure about what the drinks were or how to pronounce them. Or maybe you’re a Starbucks pro and you would just like some drink recommendations. Whatever the case, Kenneth Brown draws upon his years as a Starbucks store manager to answer the questions that he heard from customers on a daily basis…

What drinks do you recommend?
How much caffeine is in my drink? Is that a lot?
What’s the best way to store my coffee?
Can you get me a job at Starbucks?

Inside the Cup answers almost any question you might have about ordering at Starbucks. It contains almost one hundred color pages of drink recommendations, popular kids’ drinks, in depth information about coffee, tea, caffeine content, a glossary of terms and much more. The Customers chapter will help you identify what “type” of customer you are and a special bonus chapter will help you get hired as a barista. There’s certainly something for everyone. You might even learn what that caramel macchiaty thing is.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I picked this book on a whim because while I love Starbucks hot chocolate, I am definitely a Starbucks beginner. I am the customer who practices their order in line so I can say it right. I never change my order because it seems scary. This book changed that.

The book grabbed me with its entertaining first chapter. I admit I skipped around and checked out some drinks next, but I did read it all. There is lots to learn, and it’s laid out simply and in a very user-friendly manner. It was very helpful. I now understand what drinks are available and I know how to modify a drink I want.

The most useful section as the drink order guide. I can now order a drink the way I want, in the right order so the barista understands me the first time. And I used my new skills to modify my standard hot chocolate. My new favourite drink is a grande, 2 pump peppermint, 2 pump raspberry, extra-hot, hot chocolate. Yummy! You should try it.

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  1. I love that there is a book to help Starbucks beginners. I always get the lemonade iced tea and I can never remember what it is even called and the sizes of their drinks too. I really understand the whole practicing your order in line thing!

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