Jan 012013

Welcome to the January round-up for reviews for the 2013 Ebook Challenge. Before you enter your reviews in the linky tool below, ensure you have signed up.

After you add your reviews, if you’ve reached a new level in the challenge, remember to add your name to the Wall of Fame.

  7 Responses to “2013 Ebook Challenge – January round-up”

  1. Is there a way where I can edit my link? I didn’t add the name of the book!

  2. I didn’t know it was by review, I thought we were linking up a wrap up post. I should have paid attention to that earlier.

    Rivie @ Bookshelf

  3. OK, I’m a little confused here. I reviewed several ebooks for the month, am I supposed to enter each one of those in the linky? What I do is create a reading challenge update every EOM and it lists down all the qualified books I’ve read so far. Sorry for the confusion. I don’t think I can add 15 links to tomorrow’s linky if this is the case?

    talksupe at rocketmail dot com

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