Dec 312012

I can’t believe December is already over. This year seems to have gone quick.

I just got home from my vacation late yesterday, so I haven’t updated my review listings, or my pages, so the numbers below include books read over my vacation but aren’t reviewed yet. Apparently I only finished one challenge below, along with a few earlier this year. That means the only 2 I didn’t finish were the audiobook and self-published challenges.

Books read:

In December – 11
Year-to-date -153 – reached my goal of 150!

Posted in December:

Reviews – 5
Discussion posts – week in review posts
Author interviews – Louisa Klein, Sasha Summers
Author guest posts – Kimberly Richardson

Challenge Status:

2012 Audio Book Challenge – 18/24
2012 Ebook Challenge – 105/100 – success!
2012 Self-Published Reading Challenge – 38/50
Canadian Book Challenge 6 – 11/13

What’s coming up?

I guess I need to get organized and catch up my reviews, as well as get the challenge posts for tomorrow done. I am also planning to come up with a calendar for the year to organize what I post during the week, and maybe start looking for another reviewer again.

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