Oct 072012

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend. I’m having a relaxing weekend with my family, including a visit from my mom, which only seems to happen at holidays. A great way to spend the holiday. Hope all the Canadians out there are having a great holiday weekend, and that everyone else is having a good regular weekend.

Books read:
BreakawayCheck out my review earlier this week.

What Alice ForgotThis book was an emotional adventure with an ending that left me crying. In a good way.

Books received:

The Athena Effect necklace and ebook – Katy
The Athena Effect ebook – Natasha

  2 Responses to “Week in review Oct 7”

  1. My necklace arrived today – it’s GORGEOUS!! Thanks to you and to Derrolyn!

  2. Happy *Canadian* Thanksgiving!!! I hope you are having a beautiful weekend with your family <3

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