Oct 102012
Review: The ProtectorsThe Protectors (Royal Blood Chronicles #2) by Elizabeth Loraine
Published by Self published on Aug 24, 2010
Genres: Paranormal, YA
Format: eBook from Author
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Rating: two-stars

In the beginning we were creatures of the night, killing humans and drinking their blood to sustain us. But in the passage of the centuries we have evolved and now walk amongst you both in daylight or night as peaceful, moral beings satisfied to hunt and drink the blood of animals. We live with the support of our Watchers; humans who have been chosen and in return have made sacred vows to protect our species from those that would do us harm. A task that is a privilege for our Watchers is to be able to donate their blood to us. This donated blood is gathered medically and mixed with an elixir devised by the ancients that magically multiplies the volume and allows it to remain fresh indefinitely. We call this elixir Crimson and use it as a supplement to or a replacement for our normal diet

My name is Katrina and I have been chosen as the leader of the Five. The “Five” or “The Protectors” have been foretold in human prophecies throughout time. I, along with my twin sister Katherine (Kate), and my friends Rosalinda (Rosa), Eleanor (El) and Arletta (Letta), have completed the protection ceremony and an oath to protect the races, all the races.

But in order to continue to succeed the Five must become the many. Join us.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book followed right after the first book, and continued Katrina and her friends on their adventures. It is definitely a series book, jumping right into the action without any back telling. The final 1/3 was mostly a set-up for the next book, which was quite disappointing.

Everything about this book seemed a bit too easy. Katrina and the girls never really face any obstacles that they might not overcome. It is hard to become invested in the story when you know there is nothing uncertain that will happen. I know reading it that every time the group faces an obstacle, they discover their powers have grown and they can easily overcome it. There is no learning, no struggle, no possibility of failure. It makes for a boring read.

Katrina herself is no more interesting. I found I liked her even less, mainly because of her actions with the boys. She is apparently deeply in love with Damien now, and yet still kisses someone else and hits on a third guy. Without ever batting an eyelash or feeling bad about it. Ugh.

Overall, I couldn’t connect with the story or the characters, and so, this book just isn’t for me. With a stronger main character and a little less certainty, this would be an entertaining read.

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