Oct 202012

On My Wishlist
Every week I’ll introduce you to a book that’s on my extensive wishlist. Sometimes they are new books, but quite often they aren’t. Let me know if you’ve read it, and what you think. Please also join in and link up your On My Wishlist post each week.

The ApothecaryThe Apothecary by Samantha Jillian Bayarr

When Claire Mayfield suddenly finds herself the new heir of a property that has lain vacant for over one hundred years, she becomes leery of the rumors of the hauntings from the three young children who were said to have been murdered there. As Claire explores the manor, she discovers her great uncle, Dr. Blackwell’s apothecary and traveling medicine show from the late 1800’s, and even stumbles upon clues that could help her solve her ancestor’s one hundred-year-old murder-mystery—all with a little help from a young girl who has been dead for over one hundred years.

A ghost story just in time for Halloween. I love the contemporary cover. It’s soft with a touch of mystery. It matches the summary, which sounds like a mystery read that isn’t too scary. The reviews are mixed, but that’s never put me off a story before, so I’d love to give it a try myself.

  2 Responses to “On My Wishlist #76”

  1. I love the cover, and I agree, it sounds like a good Halloween read!

  2. Sounds pretty good, think I’ll be adding it to my wish list too 🙂 I agree, love the cover!!

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