Oct 062012

On My Wishlist
Every week I’ll introduce you to a book that’s on my extensive wishlist. Sometimes they are new books, but quite often they aren’t. Let me know if you’ve read it, and what you think. Please also join in and link up your On My Wishlist post each week.

Ascensions Ascensions (Revenge of the Ancients #1) by B.S. Mais

For nearly a thousand years Persephone and her father have waited in the shadows, plotting the overthrow of the gods. Plotting to ascend to the highest throne. Plotting to rule over mortals. Now they are ready to put into motion the final steps of their diabolical plan. With her father’s election to the seat of galactic power all but assured, Persephone is dispatched on one last mission to hunt down and destroy the only person powerful enough to undo all that she and her father have worked so hard to achieve—a mysterious but beautiful katana-wielding assassin with a sinister past of her own.

I love myth retelling, and this sounds like a very urban fantasy style one. Katana-wielding assassin? Reminds me of Blade Song, complete with the girl-with-sword cover. This cover is a bit more dark though, and the story doesn’t seem to have the humorous attitude. I loved that book, and the similarities, and differences, make me want to check out this one too.

  3 Responses to “On My Wishlist #74”

  1. This book sounds fantastic! plus i like conspiracies! 😉

    great pick

    – Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  2. Doesn’t sound like my usual kind of read, but I just might give it a go!

  3. Ooo, that sounds quite exciting. It’s been a while since I read anything with gods in!

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