Oct 212012

So I mentioned that I was thinking of changing my design. I created a new one, but I can’t decide if I should switch or not. So obviously the easy thing to do is ask everyone what they think. And I will bribe you to speak up, of course.

Should I keep my current look with my zebras, turquiose, purple and yellow?

Or should I switch to a more sophisticated look that I created with yellow, peach and brown? Check out the full look here.

Screenprint of new look

Vote using Rafflecopter below so I can bribe you, but I would love to hear your comments too, either here or on the new look.

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  10 Responses to “Help Choose My Design Giveaway”

  1. I adore zebras but the classy one is definitely more sauve so I’m voting for that one. I’d stick with the white icons not the black ones for Twitter etc.
    Zoe recently posted…Flock by Wendy DelsolMy Profile

  2. i love the classy one really too cute!

  3. I like the classy one.
    Lori Thomas recently posted…Samsung Plans a Sleeker Google Chromebook at $249My Profile

  4. I like the new design better, but I would stick with either purple or turquoise highlights instead of pink (for the text at least) as I find pink a little hard to read on a yellow background.
    CW recently posted…How to Do NaNoWriMo Next MonthMy Profile

  5. The zebras are adorable, but I really like the look of the new one you designed – it seems to fit the overall “feel” of this place better. :-)
    Katy Sozaeva recently posted…Guest review of "Shifter" by Steven D. JacksonBMy Profile

  6. I guess I am the only one voting for the Zebras. I like them cause they are cute and cheerful. But the new one is nice too.

  7. I think the zebras are adorable but which one makes you feel better when you look at it? either way they are both great :)

  8. The purple-yellow combination of the current theme works well. While the yellow-brown combo of the new theme is okay too, it’s a little too bright, so if you’re going to switch, maybe tone the yellow down a little.

    • It’s actually the exact same yellow, so it’s a little funny that it looks brighter or lighter depending on the surrounding colours.

  9. I like the new look, but I agree that the pink/yellow combination is a bit to contrasting. Maybe a softer yellow or a darker shade of pink?
    Erika recently posted…On My Wishlist: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour BookstoreMy Profile

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