Sep 302012

Last weekend was a book filled weekend. I went to see Chef Michael Smith on Saturday at the Kitchener Market. It was lots of fun. I wasn’t able to stay for the book signing as my son got sick, but I did enjoy the talk and demonstration. All I can say is wow, that man is tall.

Sunday was Word on the Street. I stayed in Kitchener, again, and this year I was disappointed. There wasn’t much to see or do other than the author talks. I saw 3 authors, Lillian Nattel (Web of Angels), Ian Hamilton (The Red Pole of Macau) and Brad Smith (Crow’s Landing). I got Brad’s autograph on Crow’s Landing and he complimented my nails. It was great.

I did meet one local author, AC Miller and picked up two of her books. I hope to have her here for an interview soon.

I also met up with Erika (from Suddenly Books and One A Day YA). We chatted and browsed the used library book sale table. It was fun, although we were both commiserating about sick kids, which is not so much fun. Nothing like escaping for a book even though.

Books read:
PhoenixIt took me while, but I finally finished, and even though it seemed to take forever, I did enjoy the story.

Books received:
I got a great haul at Word on the Street. Three signed books from the authors, and three used library books that cost me $0.30 total.

Crow's Landing Definitely Deadly Twice as Deadly
Crow’s Landing (Virgil Cain #2) by Brad Smith
Definitely Deadly (The Deadlies #1) by AC Miller
Twice as Deadly (The Deadlies #2) by AC Miller

Night Shift Havemercy
Night Shift (Jill Kismet #1) by Lilith Saintcrow
Havemercy (Havemercy #1) by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett
Pharaoh by Valerio Massimo Manfredi

Something Strange and Deadly BreakawayThe Promise
Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard – won from Tynga’s Reviews
Breakaway by Michael Betcherman – upcoming book tour
The Promise by Lauren Hunter

The Night Watchman Express Devil's Kitchen The Lamplighter's Special
The Night Watchman Express (The Crown Phoenix #1) by Alison DeLuca – upcoming book tour
Devil’s Kitchen (The Crown Phoenix #2) by Alison DeLuca
The Lamplighter’s Special (The Crown Phoenix #3) by Alison DeLuca


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  1. It was an amazing weekend seeing Chef Michael Smith and going to TWOTS. And of course getting to see you again, too! I hope your family is feeling better by now. And now I get to see which books you bought 🙂

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