Sep 232012

I started feeling better this week, which is always good. I had a great reading week, which is even better. And I don’t feel really behind in posts, just a little behind, which is a nice change.

Books read:
Downside GirlsCollection of short stories that introduce the reader to the world of the Hidden Empire series. I now want to start reading the series. Like right now.

The Athena EffectA great slow romance story, Derrolyn’s newest series may just be another addiction.

The Palace JobThis Canadian book was described to me as “The Princess Bride meets Ocean’s 11”. I love the idea of it, and I can happily say it worked amazingly. If you liked either of these two movies, you should check out this book.

Books received:
none – did my TBR list actually decrease for a change?

Legends Unleashed series by Heather Beck – Fiery

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