Aug 302012

Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen: 100 of My Favourite Easy Recipes by Michael Smith
Source: Finished copy for review from Pintail Books
Links: Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s website

Chef Michael Smith, Canada’s most popular chef, is passionate about cooking and sharing great food and flavours. Inside you’ll find Michael’s all-time favourite recipes, the ones he cooks regularly in his own home kitchen—lots of wonderful, memorable flavours that you’ll enjoy with your family and friends.

Michael Smith is one of my favourite chefs, and as an added bonus, he’s Canadian. I love all his tv shows. This was the first of his cookbooks that I’ve had the pleasure of trying.

I love the set-up of the book, with a full page picture of each recipe. I’m a visual person when it comes to food, and there is better than seeing what the recipe should look like. The recipes themselves are easy to read, with simple instructions.

I easily bookmarked over a dozen recipes to try right away. I have made two so far, and both turned out great. I was a bit surprised at how complex some of the recipes were, as Chef Michael Smith is generally known for simple, easy food.

Overall, I am very happy with the recipe selection. I will be continuing to try new recipes from the book as I buy the necessary ingredients, and hope to find a few I will make over and over.

4 stars

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  2 Responses to “Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen: 100 of My Favourite Easy Recipes”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this review! I love, love, love Michael Smith. I’ve been wondering though about his cookbooks. I really associate him with Chef at Home and he’s such a huge advocate of cooking WITHOUT a recipe! I may need to pick one of his cookbooks up though. My husband loves cookbooks with lots of pictures too (he’s learning to cook) so that would help. Thanks for the insight 🙂

    Also, you should know he is going to be at Kitchener Marketplace on September 22nd. Don’t know if he’s signing books or Q&A or what. But in Kitchener!

    And oh my gosh, just discovered he has a new show (Chef Michael’s Kitchen). And Food Network put it up online. Totally watching that later. And now I’m just rambling and fangirling. Okay, ending fangirling over Michael now 😀

    • Sept 22 he will be cooking a dish and signing books. I will definitely be there!

      Thanks for mentioning that his new show is online, I went and watched it this morning.

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