Aug 032012

Lunchtime shenanigans. That’s what I love about my work. I work in an office with mostly women, and a few “token” guys. At lunch most of us eat together, and there is max 3 guys that join us, with only one of them joining in the crazy conversations all the time. It is obviously he either has a bunch of sisters, or has only ever worked with mostly women because he has no problem speaking up, regardless of the topic. For the sake of this story, let’s call him D, because while I may tell personal stories from time to time, he may not enjoy if I tell stories about him.

Anyway, so one day this week there was a group of 3 of us girls, plus D, eating together, and one of the girls mentioned she is reading 50 Shades of Gray. She described it as a train wreck she couldn’t stop reading. While she enjoyed the craziness, and the sex content, she can’t stand Christian Gray as a person. None of the rest of us have read the book, although I think I’m pretty familiar with it. (I personally won’t be reading it because I can’t stand stories with modern 20-something girls who claim to be complete sex-pure in body and mind and have never even kissed a boy. Ugh, how unrealistic. I’d more likely believe dragon stories are real.) Anyways, so D mentioned that he wouldn’t mind his girlfriend reading it, to a chorus of good-natured ribbing.

The conversation then spiraled off to how some girls (one of the ladies taking exception to this) like domination in the bedroom, and why is part of the appeal of bad boys. Of course, we want the bad boys in the bedroom and the nice guys the rest of the time, but it’s hard to believe that a nice guy could be like that, so that’s why the all-over bad guy wins: because you know he’s like that in the bedroom. D piped up that those types of nice guys do exist, which lead to more embarrassing comments, because who could he be talking about except himself?

And that is not something I needed to hear. It’s bad enough that he’s hot. And nice. And fun to hang out with at work. But he has a bad boy bedroom side too? That is so not going to help my nighttime fantasies.

And this is why I’m glad no one in my “real life” reads this blog. Because I’m okay with telling you guys I fantasy about a guy at work, who is very taken, but that is not something I want shared with the rest of my co-workers. Because obviously we have no shame and ridicule each other mercilessly and I’d never hear the end of it. I’d probably have to quit in embarrassment.

So what was the point of this little story besides embarrassing myself? Well, it highlights the fact that I have been reading too much romance lately. But seriously, I see posts and tweets about book boyfriends and swooning over male characters, and I have to admit I have never done that. I don’t even daydream about celebrities. I prefer real men that I know, albeit ones that nothing would ever happen with. But that’s the point, nothing will happen, but it could. It’s that possibility that is exciting.

So tell me, do you swoon for book boyfriends or celebrities? Or are you like me and prefer men you know? Or are you that elusive mystical person who dreams only about their significant other?

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